Etiket - straight


GENERAL FEATURES Pvyd37xt Width max of tooth 152 mm. Module 10 Max to carve 406 mm. OTHER FEATURES Accessories included Hydraulic Fastening, Shift Wheels, Protections, Cooling / Hydraulic Chucking. Change gears. Guards. Coolant. No Manufacturing 770116 ...

GLEASON No 14 Bevel Gear Generator Straight

max. wheel diameter 565 mm gear width 100 mm max. module 8,5 min. module 1 total power requirement 25 kW weight of the machine ca. 7,8 t dimensions of the machine ca. 1420 x 410 x1,8 m Bevel gear generator GLEASON No 14 Manufacturer: Gleason Works Made in: USA Specification: Capacity Cone distance: -Max.: 805 mm -Min.: 0 Pitch angle (max.) shafts at...

Stanko 5A250 Straight bevel gear shaper

STANKO 5A250 Straight bevel gear shaper Max. gear diameter: 500 mm Max. module: 8 mm Accessories: Bgnowe8jqf - change gears - cutters adjusting device - machine's book Good and functional machine, ready for operation. With accessories. Ready for delivery. More details upon request.