STANKO 5 A 308 P 0 80 mm Gear and spline shafts Waelzfraesmaschi

Gear and spline shafts hobber Fabr. STANKO type 5A308 P Masch. # 554 Technical data: KL. / gr. Workpiece diameter 0/80 mm Gr. Module 1.0 mm Bzkextn0 KL. / gr. Number of teeth wheels 400 changes d.zu adjustment path of the milling slide 82 mm Milling cutter diameter 24-30 mm Gr. Swivel angle of the cutter spindle 3° Workpiece spindle inner taper...

Stanko 5A250 Straight bevel gear shaper

STANKO 5A250 Straight bevel gear shaper Max. gear diameter: 500 mm Max. module: 8 mm Accessories: Bgnowe8jqf - change gears - cutters adjusting device - machine's book Good and functional machine, ready for operation. With accessories. Ready for delivery. More details upon request.

STANKO Komintera ABC 02B Gear Shaving Machine

max. wheel diameter mm gear width mm max. module min. module Control total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m The machine can be viewed under power by appointment. - partial head - tailstock Bidkacrksu *** Subject to changes and errors in the technical data and information...

STANKO 5B161 STANKO 5B161 gear shaper

STANKO 5B161 gear shaper Y.o.m. 1979 Min/Max. gear diameter: 160 - 1250 mm Min./max. module: 1-12 mm Table diameter: 850 mm Machine's net weight: 11000 kg Accesories: change gears Location: our warehouse near Oradea city, in ROMANIA. Bicmpbq0tr More details upon request. More machines available in stock.