Etiket - shaper

Gleason GP200S 5 Axis CNC Gear Shaper

Gleason GP 200 S Five Axis CNC Gear Shaper New 2002 EQUIPPED WITH: Fanuc 160iM Electronic Non-Contact Stock Divider Extended Tailstock Programmable Tilt Column 4" Riser Hydraulic Work Clamping Cutter Adaptor Deburr Tool Chip Conveyor Smoke & Mist Collector CE Mark Bhakixzpno SPECIFICATIONS: Workpiece Diameter, Nominal: 200 mm Workpiece Swing, Maximum: 350 mm Face Width, Maximum: 100 mm Module Nominal: 5 mm Stroke Length, Maximum: 110 mm Cutter Spindle Diameter: 95 mm Cutter Spindle...

Stanko 5A250 Straight bevel gear shaper

STANKO 5A250 Straight bevel gear shaper Max. gear diameter: 500 mm Max. module: 8 mm Accessories: Bgnowe8jqf - change gears - cutters adjusting device - machine's book Good and functional machine, ready for operation. With accessories. Ready for delivery. More details upon request.

MAAG SH 75 K Gear Shaper

max. wheel diameter 750 mm gear width 200 mm max. module 10 min. module 1 Dav0wie min. wheel diameter 30 mm min. number of teeth 6 max. number of teeth 300 max. ram stroke 225 mm table load 800 kg weight of the machine ca. ca. 3,8 t dimensions of the machine ca. 1750 x 1850 x 2200 mm first-class condition, very many...

MAAG SH 250 300 S Gear Shaper

max. wheel diameter 3080 mm gear width 670 mm max. module 50 min. module 25 min. wheel diameter 200 mm gear width 870 mm max. number of teeth 1000 min. number of teeth 12 tool length - max. 312 mm min. ram stroke 70 mm dividing plate diameter 1116 mm table bore diameter 420 mm table travel max. 2x460 = 920 mm ram...

STANKO 5B161 STANKO 5B161 gear shaper

STANKO 5B161 gear shaper Y.o.m. 1979 Min/Max. gear diameter: 160 - 1250 mm Min./max. module: 1-12 mm Table diameter: 850 mm Machine's net weight: 11000 kg Accesories: change gears Location: our warehouse near Oradea city, in ROMANIA. Bicmpbq0tr More details upon request. More machines available in stock.