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ZPiA B2 Semi automatic screen printing machine

ZPiA B2 semi-automatic screen printing machine Ek0x8cttm The machine is fully operational, ready for production. Very good condition, foot pedal activation, table podsys, safety guards. Technical data: Max printing format 500x700mm 380V power supply Inverter control Machine dimensions 110x135x105cm

Manroland R 705 3B GO 2014 Offset printing press

Overhauled 2014 Hours:175 648 Max. Paper size: 740 x 1040 mm Max. Printing area: 715 x 1020 mm Start of printing: 10 mm Substrate thickness: 0.04 - 1.0 mm Plate cylinder (average): 300 mm Plate cylinder undercut: 0.5 mm Printing plate format: 758 x 1030 mm Printing plate thickness: 0.3 - 0.5 mm Printing plate support (foil):...