Etiket - Automatic

ZPiA B2 Semi automatic screen printing machine

ZPiA B2 semi-automatic screen printing machine Ek0x8cttm The machine is fully operational, ready for production. Very good condition, foot pedal activation, table podsys, safety guards. Technical data: Max printing format 500x700mm 380V power supply Inverter control Machine dimensions 110x135x105cm

MORAT B 9 mit Wechselrädersatz Automatic gear hobbing machine

Automatic gear hobbing machine make MORAT type B 9for milling gear wheels with straight toothing Technical data:gr. workpiece diameter magazine guide20 mm gr. workpiece diameter without magazine guide70 mm small workpiece diameter1.5 mmgr. Milling length40 mmgr. number of teeth to be milled up to 360kl. number of teeth to be milled5gr. Pitch Module 1kl...