MAAG SH 100 gear cutting machine tools knives

Machine not examined good internal mechanics complete with sprockets and spare wheels documentation Bkxz23h The advertisement was translated automatically and some translation errors may have occurred.

SAMPUTENSILI Samputensili Samputensili Gear Tools

Samputensili Gear Hobber Tools Mn:3.5 Dia:130.m/m Length:160.m/m Hole:50:m/m Angle:20 One Piece Price:350.euro ----- Mn:3.5 Dia: Mn:2.25 Dia:100.m/m Length:140.m/m Hole:32.m/m Angle:20 One Piece Price:250.euro ----- Mn:2.25 Dia:120.m/m Length:140.m/m Hole:32.m/m Angle:20 One Piece Price:350.euro ----- Mn:2.75 Dia:90 m/m Length:100.m/m Hole:32 Angle:30 Ccxov0a7 One Piece Price:275.euro GEAR CUTTİNG TOOLS MN:22 MN:32 MN:36 ANGLE:20'