SAMPUTENSILI SICMAT Raso 400 Gear Shaving Machine

max. wheel diameter 254 mm gear width 50,8 mm max. module 8 min. module 1 Control Sinumerik 840C C0xdpqa Blade Diameter 180-330 mm Knife thickness 19-50,8 mm shaving wheel spindle turning speeds 10 - 400 U/min shaving cutter - diameter 180 - 330 mm shaving wheel width 19 - 50,8 mm centering diameter 63,5 mm longitudinal stroke of the head 120 mm cross stroke...

SAMPUTENSILI Samputensili Samputensili Gear Tools

Samputensili Gear Hobber Tools Mn:3.5 Dia:130.m/m Length:160.m/m Hole:50:m/m Angle:20 One Piece Price:350.euro ----- Mn:3.5 Dia: Mn:2.25 Dia:100.m/m Length:140.m/m Hole:32.m/m Angle:20 One Piece Price:250.euro ----- Mn:2.25 Dia:120.m/m Length:140.m/m Hole:32.m/m Angle:20 One Piece Price:350.euro ----- Mn:2.75 Dia:90 m/m Length:100.m/m Hole:32 Angle:30 Ccxov0a7 One Piece Price:275.euro GEAR CUTTİNG TOOLS MN:22 MN:32 MN:36 ANGLE:20'

SAMPUTENSILI S130 CNC Modul Gear Hobbing Machine Vertical

max. wheel diameter:130 mm max. module:3 total power requirement:15 kW weight of the machine ca.:6 t dimensions of the machine ca.:2,3 x 2,5 x 2,17 m A well-preserved CNC hobbing machine Vertical for shafts and wheels With tailstock Also suitable for hard milling (good for steering pinion) Rapid traverse radial, axial: 10.000 mm/min Rapid traverse tangential: 7.500 mm/min Max. wheel diameter...