Etiket - Hang

Hang Piccolo 101 60 Eyeletting machine

Eyeletting machine Hang Piccolo 101-60 Xlslw The device is in perfect condition, ready for work. Technical data: 2 eyeltting heads 230V power supply Margin frontal and side Operation with foot or manual button. The device punches and crimps the eyelet in one pass. Automatic eyeletting. Instructions and a set of tools in the set.

Hang 84 H 350 Riveting machine

Riveting machine Hang 84 H 350 Producer: Hang Germany Very good condition, fully functional. The machine is used for installing all types of ring and lever mechanisms. Cardboard thickness 0.2-4mm Throat depth around 200mm Cycle time 0.5s Electric drive, cycle controlled by foot pedal. Bi3u9uv092 380V power supply Weight of machine 150kg

HANG 107 20 4 Paper drill

HANG 107-20 / 4 paper drill Biw9veizhn The device is in very good condition, 100% functional. The highest class of machines among drills. This is a currently produced model. Drill table adjustable in every plane. Waste directed to an external container. Control by electric foot switch. Each head has an independent adjustment, which allows the use of drills of different lengths. The only...