Etiket - 350

Hang 84 H 350 Riveting machine

Riveting machine Hang 84 H 350 Producer: Hang Germany Very good condition, fully functional. The machine is used for installing all types of ring and lever mechanisms. Cardboard thickness 0.2-4mm Throat depth around 200mm Cycle time 0.5s Electric drive, cycle controlled by foot pedal. Bi3u9uv092 380V power supply Weight of machine 150kg

Kisun Digi Binder DB 350 Machine for photo albums

Kisun Digi Binder DB-350 machine for photo albums The device is in very good visual and technical condition. Manufacturer’s description: N0mx9 Digi Binder was designed for easy and quick creation of photobooks and albums. It is the world’s best solution for binding books and albums and saving time, compatible with all types of digital presses, photo printers and POD...