GOK Imprinting machine for roll labels

GOK Imprinting machine for roll labels

It is a very productive and effective roll label printing machine. Ideally suited for the subsequent imprinting of pre-printed roll labels, e.g. Wine labels where the variety is subsequently printed.

Tampon is rarely associated with label printing, but has proven very useful for use.
We bought the printing press new and ran trouble-free so far, it was also well maintained. We therefore sell a machine that is fully functional and in good condition.

The machine can also be used to wrap the labels because it is extremely fast.

The pad printing is characterized by high sharpness of the print, as well as in the high coverage of the color and you are very flexible when it comes to the materials you want to impress. Flexo and letterpress, which are mostly used in imprints, are at a disadvantage. The uncomplicated change of clichés as well as the entire handling of the machine makes the machine easy to use.

You get a lot of tampons, such as the colors black, white and many Pantone colors, as well as many tools. So you can start production immediately.

A few technical data:
Machine manufacturer: GOK
Year of construction: 2011
Colors: 1 color
Print format: 240x240mm
Web width: up to 260mm
Printing unit: Tampon 110x110mm (closed system) quite easy to use
Drying unit: IR and hot air
Sensor technology: Transilluminated sensor and incident light register recognition (very high quality sensors are installed – accurate to 0.05mm)
Max. Printing speed: 3,500 impressions per hour
Production speed: 2,000 impressions per hour
Winding speed: approx. 500m per minute
Printable materials: almost no restrictions – paper (uncoated / coated) foils such as PP, PET, PE, metallized materials, fabrics ..

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