MBO K8 S KTLT 6 FP 120 combi folding machine with pallet feeder

MBO K8 S KTLT 6 FP 120 combi folding machine with pallet feeder

MBO combination folding machine K8 S-KTLT/6_FP120
with pallet feeder FP 800/120

Version K8 S-KTLT/6_FP 120

Consisting of the following components:


Standard equipment M1-Control machine control, TOUCHSCREEN
FP 800/120 pallet feeder

Antistatic scissor grid alignment table
VIRO-TEC folding rollers
Slitter shaft cassette MWK
Knife shafts in three-fold fracture
Sword fold area as S-KTLT version
sheet retention and floor retention through brushing and High-Speed Rolling
Cross break area can be folded up

Performance characteristics

Working speed 30 m/min – 230 m/min

Planopaper Format (length x width)

pallet feeder 17 x 25 cm – 78 x 120 cm
small format device 17 x 17 cm
Cross break 15 x 10 cm – 78 x 53 cm
Triple break 15 x 10 cm – 53 x 39 cm

Grammage 50 g/m² – 250 g/m² 1st fold
200 g/m² 2nd fold
175 g/m² 3rd fold
130 g/m² 4th fold

Folding plates – Folding length

Standard folding pocket 1+2 6 cm – 70 cm
Standard folding pocket 3- 6 6 cm – 49 cm
Combi-folding pocket 1+2 6 cm – 64 cm
Combi-folding pocket 3-6 6 cm – 43 cm
Standard folding pocket KTL 6 cm – 26 cm
Standard folding pocket KTZ 6 cm – 20 cm
Standard folding pocket KTLT 6 cm – 16 cm

Combi-folding bag KTL 6 cm – 26 cm
Combi-folding bag KTZ 6 cm – 20 cm
Combi-folding bag KTLT 6 cm – 15 cm

cutter shafts diameter 35 mm

Minimum cutting length and perforation length 7,5 cm

Folding rollers diameter 43.7 mm

Dimensions machine 350 x 200 cm

Switch cabinet 100 x 50 cm

Complete with feeder 550x 260 cm

Weight machine 1.850 kg
Switch cabinet 180 kg

Feeder and inclined belt table Pallet feeder FP 800/120

Performance characteristics minimum maximum

M1-Control 30m/min – 230m/min
Format (width x length) 17 x 25 cm – 78 x 120 cm
with small format device 17 x 17 cm

Grammage 50 g/m² – 250 g/m²

Stacking height 15 cm – 120 cm

Load weight 0 kg – 1,000 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) 190 x 135 x 200 cm

Weight approx. 1.400 kg
with switch cabinet

Parallel fold / folding station

Working width 78 cm
Folding station for 6 pockets
NIRO buckle plates with reversible sheet diverters
VIRO-TEC folding rollers in parallel fold

Sword fold area:
SUPER-KTLT version:
1 cross-fold blade in the cross-fold
1 NIRO-folding buckle plate with fold-over diverter parallel to the cross-fold sword
1 folding sword in the left triple break,
1 NIRO-folding pocket with foldable sheet diverter parallel to the three-fold sword,

VACUKNIFE – linear pneumatically operated carbon sword, double-sided guided with length, height and angle adjustment

Additional equipment

Sword fold area cross fold
Sheet stop as waste discharge device incl. ultrasonic double sheet control

Parallel break / folding station
Automatic buckle plate and sheet diverter adjustment for 6 buckle plates Design incl. 1 buckle plate as a stainless steel buckle plate with continuous sheet stop and 3 Combiplates II with clearance width adjustment (in parallel fold)

Additional pair of slitter shafts in parallel break incl. transport rollers, perforating, creasing and cutting devices for standard work in preparation for subsequent orders

Automatic folding roller adjustment (in parallel fold) for 4 buckle plates Design micrometer for paper thickness measurement

Sword fold area
Automatic adjustment of the blade length in the 1st cross-fold, all sheet stops, all folding rollers, all slitter shafts and both Combiplates for S-KTLT feeding

Coupling module
# 932 – M1 Control to NC

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