Manufacturing origing Switzerland
Voltage 380/50/3
Net weight 680 kg
Dimensions 720/765/1445 mm
Customs position 8459.2930


Max. distance between adjustable drive arbors 65 mm
Max. distance between special drive arbors 90 mm
Max. hobbed length, adjustable over 60 mm 40 mm
Max. component diameter, with dia. 24 mm 50 mm
Largest module 1,5
Number of teeth cut 6-390
Number of teeth cut, with special dividing drive 3-5
Travel of cutter head,including dive hobbing feed 12 mm
Max. depth of dive hobbing feed 4 mm
Travel of tailstock spindle, max. 35 mm
Axial adjustment of hob, max. 16 mm
Tailstock travel, max. 30 mm
Hob diameter 8-32 mm
6 cutter speeds 850-4500 rpm
Table traverse, steplessly adjustable 0-104 mm/min
Swiwel of headstock in vertical plane +/- 0.6 %
Swiwel of cutter head in horizontal plane +/- 5°

Power of cutter motor 0,75 kW
Power of hydraulic motor 0,08 kW
Power of coolant motor 0,11 kW
Total capacity of motors 0,94 kW
Capacity of hydraulic oil tank 27 l
Capacity of coolant oil tank 10 l
Capacity of spindle lubricating oil tank 19 l
Capacity of lubricating oil tank 1 l

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