ROEDERS HSC RFM 600 P High Speed Machining Center

ROEDERS HSC RFM 600 P High Speed Machining Center

x-travel 600 mm
y-travel 450 mm
z-travel 300 mm
table-size 700 x 550 mm
control Röder RMS6
workpiece weight max. 800 kg
feeds X/Y/Z 0-30.000 mm/min
spindle turning speed range 100-42.000 U/min
spindle drive 15 kW
tool changer number of tools 52 / HSK 40
Power connection 22 kVA
workpiece magazin Erowa 24 Stück
range L-W-H 3 x 2,25 x 2,7 m
weight of the machine ca. 7,9 t

CE signed
Video(s) available on our website.
Not powered, can be reactivated.

Electric 400 Volt
measuring taster Infrarot 3D
Hnad control
Minimum quantity cooling device
Squaring head nein/no

HSC machining center Roeders TEC RFM 600P for machining hardened steels,
copper, aluminium, plastic and graphite. Equipped with AUTOMATION that means H.
52-station tool changer and workpiece storage on two levels for unmanned
High-frequency milling spindle make Fischer vector-controlled max. tool diameter
16mm with auto. Tool change incl. hydraulic, oil/air lubrication device and
cooling unit, AC synchronous motors and backlash-free preloaded ball screws,
Passage height with 110 mm long tool = 285 mm.
Star-shaped pallet changer with loading arm and gripper RFM600P Erowa, max.
Workpiece weight 100 kg. To change the pallets, a loading arm is included
integrated, pallet-specific gripper coupled to the Z-axis and after
stored in the magazine during the changing process. The number of magazine
locations depend for instance from the workpiece size (approx. 2 x 12 places).
Hyper-Cut software package, RMSinspect software for measuring the workpieces
the HSC machine, software simulation RMScut, job management RJM,
Network connection 100MBIT/s, remote maintenance.
Dust extraction is available at an additional cost.
Machine dealer with own stock of 1600 m².

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