Rambaudi RC 270 Machining centers vertical

Rambaudi RC 270 Machining centers vertical

Control Unit
Brand Heidenhain

Main Drive
Number of axis 5

X-Axis Movement 2700 mm
Y-Axis Movement 2200 mm
Z-Axis Movement 1250 mm

Main electronic connection VOLTS: 400V +- 10% / HZ: 50HZ +/- 1%
Power consumption 82 KVA

This Rambaudi RC 270 vertical machining center was built in Italy in 2014. This 5 axis machine is equipped with a Heidenhain control unit. This machine incorporates X/Y/Z of 2700 x 2200 x 1250 mm and can work with a wide range of movements. The machine is in excellent working condition.

Application Types

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