LORENZ LS 82 CNC Gear Shaping Machine

LORENZ LS 82 CNC Gear Shaping Machine

CNC gear shaping machine
Type LS 82
Control SIEMENS 840 C
Year of construction 1999

Technical data
Max. Outside diameter of workpiece 80 mm
Max. impactable standard module 5 mm
Max. Tooth width (straight toothing) 44 mm
axis angle adjustment
Shaping spindle – Workpiece table -0.5 to +0.5 °
Stroke number range 250 – 1,500 DH/min
Centre distance workpiece table/pusher spindle -15 to +170 mm
Max. Stroke length 55 mm Manually adjustable
Max. helix angle 45 degrees
Max. Tool diameter Ø 180 mm

Feed rate rotary axis tool (referred to 100 mm workpiece Ø) 10 to 9,420 mm/min
Feed rate rotary axis workpiece (referred to 100 mm workpiece Ø) 10 to 15,700 mm/min
Feed Radial axis Machine column 1 to 3,750 mm/min

Dimension, weight
Space requirement approx. 4.2 x 2.6 x 2.6 m
Machine weight approx. 8,500 kg

Electrical connection values
Total connected load 23 kVA
Operating voltage 400 V
Operating frequency 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC

Equipment and equipment
– CNC stroke position adjustment
– Stroke length adjustment mechanical-manual
– Vibration isolating machine installation using damping shoes (included in scope of delivery)
– extraction unit
– counterholder
– Shaping spindle and lifting of the shaping head hydrostatically mounted
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