KOLOMNA 5A342 Gear Hobbing Machine

KOLOMNA 5A342 Gear Hobbing Machine

Gear hobbing machine model 5A342
Manufacturer: KOLOMNA (Russia)
Year of manufacture: 1970

Main technical data:
– Workpiece diameter circle having external teeth:
– The smallest: 300 mm
– The largest: 2,000 mm
Table diameter: 1800 mm
The largest machining length: 560 mm
The largest module notched wheels in steel:
Screw milling cutter: 20 mm
Disc milling cutter 20 mm
The largest angle of inclination of teeth: ± 45
The largest mill diameter 250 mm
The largest cutter length: 300 mm
The scope of the cutter axis distance from the axis of the table: 200/1325 mm
Distance range cutter axis to the plane of the table: 580/1390 mm
Number of milling spindle speeds: 23
Main motor power : 14 kW
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) : 6910x2990x3462 mm
Weight of the machine : 31800 kg

Set of change gears ab. 80pcs;
Aditional hobbing head tooth by tooth
One arbor
2pcs. supports

Mechanical revision. Gears checked. New painting. The electrical equipment is new one.

The machine is in working condition.

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