Koepfer WU gear milling machine

Koepfer WU gear milling machine

2 piece universal brow, screw & worm gear milling machines manufacturer Topper: Topper
Model: WU
Year of construction: 1957 & 1963
Weight: each approx.: 500 KG Masch. No.: 90.41 & 81.80

General information / technical data:
used gear universal milling machines for spur, and impeller wheels, as well as snails in the age according to good condition
smallest cutting diameter: 5 mm
maximum cutting length: 100 mm
largest tooth pitch: module 2 smallest pitch: module 0.30
normal cutter diameter: 35 mm
maximum cutting diameter: 100 mm with cutter Ø 35 mm
120mm with cutter Ø 15 mm milling cutter diameter with screws & spiral wheels: Ø 40 mm
Dimensions of the machine ca: (w x d x h) 1400mm x 650mm x 1500mm
Power supply / AC 3-phase: 380Volt 50 HZ

Accessories / special equipment: The machines are equipped with a large number of change gears and some tools and mandrels, so these are offered only in the package. The machines have a built-in cooling cutting agents plant. A manual, as well as more technical available documents (calculation of transmission gears, etc.).

Comments: The machines are good operational condition in one according to the age. It is designed for simple manually operated production use. The machines are in our warehouse.
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