HÖFLER Rapid II Hofler Rapid 800

HÖFLER Rapid II Hofler Rapid 800

Gear grinding machine Höfler Rapid II, Rapid 800
The machine is ready for operation, after making an appointment you can view and test it.

Wheel diameter – max. 800 mm
Wheel width 630 mm
Module – max. 35
Module – min. 0.5
Profile height 80 (max) mm
Working stroke 650 mm
Lifting speed 12 m / min
Table diameter 500 mm mm
Depth 210 x 700 mm
Workpiece table load 1500 kg
Workpiece table speed 0-70 U / min
Helix angle – max. 45 °
Grinding wheel diameter max. 400 mm
Grinding wheel diameter shoulder 206 mm
Grinding wheel width max. 90 mm
Total connected load 30 kVa
Machine weight approx.17,000 kg

Test facility / measuring system Renishaw
Oil cleaning system brand Hoffmann

Disassembly, transport, assembly, commissioning, customer training
on request

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