EBA 721 LT Paper cutting machine

EBA 721 LT Paper cutting machine

Paper cutting machine EBA 721 LT
The machine is in perfect condition, ready to work.
Professional cutter designed for high-performance cutting. The proposed model has a very good value for money. Guillotine with a knife length of 721 mm. is equipped with photocells, hydraulic pressure, electromechanical cutter bar drive.

Standard equipment also includes a work programmer, electronic reading of the position of the saddle with an accuracy of 1/10 mm. The main working table of the machine is made of stainless steel with a air table.

Technical data:
Cutting length 721 mm
Stack height 78 – 80 mm
720 mm depth
400 V power supply
Weight: 620 kg
side tables

Basic features:
electromechanical knife drive,
hydraulic pressure
fully adjustable pressure (250-2000 kg)
optical cut line indicator
air table (at the front and rear table)
pedal for preliminary determination of the cutting line by means of pressure or an optical cutting indicator
solid, adjustable steel knife carrier
blade made of high-quality HSS steel

Security is provided by:
„Safety System” – photocell in the front table
transparent safety cover on the rear table
safe drive – IDEAL patent
two-handed cutting start, electronically controlled
automatic knife return from any position
main switch equipped with a key switch
the knife can be changed with the blade always protected
The kit includes: an element for safe knife replacement, operating tools, spare cutting stick, a spare knife.

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