Magav James Burn KL 50V Perforator for calendars

Perforator for calendars Magav James Burn KL-50V The device is in perfect condition, very little used. 500mm working width Stack height 3mm 3: 1 perforating tool 4.2mm circle + tool for plastic bindinmg. Triggering of the machine cycle with the foot pedal. 200kg Bi3vahygh7 380V power supply

Heidelberg Cylinder KSB 40 × 57 Die cutting machine

Heidelberg Cylinder KSB 40 × 57 Nzzxr Very rare model on the market. The machine is ready to work, very good technical condition. After the review. Full set of ink rollers. Adapted to die cutting. Central lubrication. Size 40 × 57 cm Weight 3500kg 380V power supply Production year around 1970. Includes two drawers for additional elements, two frames, sheet for cylinder, fillers and typographic locks.