Bandall BA 32 30 Banding machine

Bandall BA 32 30 Banding machine

Bandall BA 32-30 banding machine
One of the most recognizable banders in the world, market leader.
Bandall production, The Netherlands.
The machine is in very good condition, after a review.
The device works in manual or automatic mode.
Production version, for heavy loads.
The machine is mounted on an independent structure, with wheels for transport.
Work on Jumbo Rolls.

After inserting the material, the machine wraps it with tape, squeezes and seals to create an elegant-looking package.

Perfect for packing business cards, leaflets, etc.
Control via the LCD desktop.

Technical data:
belt width: 30 mm
efficiency: 36 cycles / min
dimensions of the banded product: 320 × 200 mm
The kit includes paper tape and instruction manual.

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